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Acoustic Pond media productions focuses on providing New Media services for clients in all business. We will work with any company that requires expertise in areas concerning music for film, video, tv, commercials, web, games, sound installations, urban sound design (urban aural environment) as well as video post-productions work including editing, color-correction, titling, sound design and sound fx. We also provide services in design for websites, logotypes and corporate identity. Due to our composition within the company, we feel that we are uniquely equipped to provide broadly packaged services to meet most clients' demands.


Acoustic Pond consists of three classically schooled composers, whose interest and expertise lie both in contemporary art as well as in the popular music scene. Apart from college education, they also have experience working in the field of traditional media and are convenient with plugging in to a production pipeline. Because of our close collaboration within the company as well as with outside partners, we are well placed to build on our respective strengths to provide the best service to our customers.


Acoustic Pond media productions is located in Gothenburg - Sweden's second city (as well as one of the hot-spots of innovation and entrepreneurship in the country). Thanks to the internet and the power of the new communication technologies, we are capable of offering our services outside Sweden - in the whole of the European Union as well as on the International arena. Acoustic Pond is a small and nimble company, able to adjust to almost any given task given by a client's particular need.

who we are

anders forslund - portrait
Anders Forslund
Position: Co-founder
Expertise: music composition, sound design, sound installations
Personal website:

oskar lissheim-boethius - portrait
Oskar Lissheim-Boëthius
Position: Co-founder
Expertise: music composition, sound design, sound installations, web design, graphic design, video editing and post production (final cut studio, shake)
Personal website:

axel rudebeck - portrait
Axel Rudebeck
Position: Co-founder
Expertise: music composition, sound design, sound installations





upcoming events

october '06:

  • Music production for spoken word children's ghost stories.

previous events

september '06:

  • Premiere for the sound installation Floating Reality during the Kulturnatta in Mölndal. Exhibited in "Kvarnbyn" on September 8th 2006.
    (Click to view.)

june '06:

october '05:


music / video
sound / design

This is a continuously updated selection of our project catalogue. For additional items or more info about a particular item, please contact us via phone or email.



sound installations